My very first Lindsey concert ever!  This was in the early 'Lindsey' days, well before her first album was released.  It was in a small music bar, in Columbus, OH.  There were maybe 100+ people or so, and it was extremely loud.  The sound system at the music bar was made for some serious 'ear bleeding' rock music, and I couldn't hear for about 3 days after the concert.  My only regret was that I couldn't manage to get Meet & Greet for the concert.  The only Lindsey concert that I've never done a Meet & Greet at.  :(  The Vibrant Sound opened up for her.  I usually don't care for a lot of opening acts, but he was great.  His song 'Gravity' is still one of my favorites.  I have the YouTube video for it located under the Gallery (below).  I also have a YouTube video that I made of the concert below the Gallery also.  I apologize if it's kind of cheesy, I was still learning the application. :)  I'm sorry about the quality of the photos.  iPhones weren't known for quality photos in 2012, especially in low light conditions.  I've done my best to touch them up.