Another Lindsey concert, and another meet & greet! :)  Looking back now, my only regret was not getting better tickets to the concert.  It's been the only Lindsey concert that I've been to where I haven't been a couple of feet from the stage.  Usually, getting meet & greet tickets go hand and hand with awesome seats, so I don't really know what I was thinking when I waited too long to get tickets for the show.  Anyway, the show was still incredible, and the first concert where you really started to see the concert get taken to a different level.  The overlay that came down (in front of the stage) was really cool, that allowed the background video to play.  It gave everything a 3D type of effect.  The meet & greet was incredible, as always, but I never knew that Lindsey's wig would be almost the same color as my shirt, otherwise, I would have worn something different...LOL  Have I mentioned how nice she is?  Oh yeah, I think I have.  Maybe a few times... :)  They only allowed one thing to be signed (not including the concert poster).  I just had gotten my new iPhone, so I asked her to sign it.  She asked me if I was sure, because there was no turning back. :)  She managed to squeeze her signature on it (photo below).  I kept it in a clear case for a year, but unfortunately while cleaning it one time around 9-10 months later (out of the case), something in the Windex that I was using smeared a part of the signature.  I had always been super careful, but I didn't think Windex would do this to a Sharpie.  I never wiped directly over the signature (of course), but a piece of the cloth that I was using touched the signature and caused the problem.  I left it the way it was until I ended up selling the phone and now have my new iPhone X.  With realizing how easy the signature could be removed, I went ahead and wiped it off before selling it.  So unfortunately, it is now gone forever. :(  I still have photos of it though and I remember the whole experience so well, so that's all that matters.  Shawn Hook opened up for her this time, and he was pretty good.  I had never heard of him before until this concert.  I didn't take a lot of photos during the show, and I haven't cropped any of the photos either, because I wanted you to see 'my view', to make it more authentic, if that makes sense (so you'll see big heads in the way and all of that LOL).  Some photos are zoomed, so they may seem cropped.  I also have three videos in the compilation that I put together.  The first part of the video is her talking about the band.  This was the first show that I had been to since Gavi had passed away. :(  As the first part of the video ends, she mentions that "this song is for Gavi", but then the second part of the video goes into 'Crystallize'.  Of course, that's not Gavi's song, but the video may same a little confusing.  I just wanted to let you know, so that it all makes sense.  Enjoy!


A compilation of videos that I put together from the show! :)

A collection of some videos that I took at the Lindsey Stirling concert on October 15th, 2016 (at The Louisville Palace in Louisville, KY).