Ah, yes!  This time a meet & greet! :)  My first 'Lindsey' meet & greet, and at the time, my first meet & greet of any concert that I had ever attended.  Fortunately, they've become much more popular and I've been lucky enough to not only meet Lindsey again and again, but several other musicians as well.  I remember this concert like yesterday, even though it was several years ago.  We arrived early, as you typically have to do for meet & greet's, and miraculously got a parking spot right next to the theater, near Lindsey's bus.  It was freezing cold outside, and only a handful of people had gotten there before we did.  We were all huddled underneath the overhang (leading into the entrance), just trying to stay warm, as some occasional snow flurries were starting to all.  There was one boy (maybe 13 years old or so) that was in a t-shirt that had the words 'Lindsey, will you marry me' on it.  As cold as we all were, I knew he had to be the coldest.  I give him serious credit for hanging in there, even though Lindsey is still single (as I write this), so I'm guessing the t-shirt didn't work out as he had hoped.  Anyway, I'm thinking there were probably around 50 people or so in attendance for the meet & greet.  Lindsey couldn't have been nicer.  Being able to finally meet her and to have a short conversation with her was a dream come true for this fan.  I got a signed tour poster and I also took a photograph (an 11x14) with me that she personalized and signed for me (both are in the photos below).  The Vibrant Sound opened for her during this show also.  Once again, I apologize about the quality of some of the photos.  Without being able to take professional camera gear in with you, sometimes you can only do so much with an iPhone, or at least back then.  The ability to get better photos, especially in low-light has gotten a lot better with phones now.  I have a YouTube video at the bottom of the page with several videos (combined into one) that I grabbed during the show.