The Warmer In The Winter tour!  Another meet & greet (of course).  This was the priciest of them all though, and included seats in the pit area.  It had a whole Christmas theme type of thing going on with cookies, hot chocolate, a picture with Santa Claus (if you brought a toy to donate), and the chance to check out the whimsical windows display of a lot of Lindsey's outfits and instruments that she's used over the years in different videos and other things.  First, the Chicago Theatre is absolutely beautiful!  I'd see a show there every night if I could.  Second, Ticketmaster sucks (as if everyone didn't know that already).  I was probable the very first person online, right at 10am (on the dot) ordering tickets.  I kept refreshing and refreshing until the site finally let me start the purchasing process.  I had excellent first row seats and the crazy 'code system' that they use ended up screwing me and kicking me back out.  Ten minutes later, my only option was second row.  While this is not bad, by no means, it was just very frustrating to have something right there in your hands, just to have it taken away.  :(  Anyway, I'm complaining too much, so I'll stop.  I did get to see Lindsey, and meet her, and watched her from only a few feet away.  Before I stop complaining though, let me also say that CID Entertainment is the absolute worst!  They were responsible for the whole show and made the meet & greet process the worst I've had yet.  Not only did we miss out on cookies (because they didn't have enough for everyone), but as we were rounded up downstairs to see Lindsey, a guy from CID was yelling out the rules of do's and don'ts when meeting Lindsey.  We're in the Chicago Theatre of all places, and the guy is walking around in sweatpants shouting out commands, like he ran the place.  An ego the size of the theatre itself.  Very unprofessional, IMHO.  I know none of this is Lindsey's fault, but I just want to vent a little.  We were herded through like cattle, for a very quick picture with Lindsey and forced to move on.  Very little conversation, if any, before you were being pushed away.  I had a special deck of her playing cards that I had purchased from her website (months earlier) that I wanted her to sign for me, but they wouldn't allow it, only a picture with Lindsey and that was it.  To make it even worse, 'sweatpants dude' said that they'd take the items away from us if we asked her to sign anything.  What???  I paid around $700 for this experience and I have a guy running around telling me that he's going to 'take something away from me'?  Yeah, go ahead and try it, I was thinking.  I respected the rules, because I respect Lindsey (a lot more than I do CID Entertainment - I don't have any respect for them at all), so I obliged and took a quick photo with her and went my way.  A couple of people were asking her questions, because with the different tiers of tickets that they sold, some didn't have the option to attend the Q&A.  They were also being rushed away, but fortunately, Lindsey was breaking 'their' rules and would take the time to answer the question for them.  I could tell that she was in a rush too, because there wasn't a whole lot of time to work with before the Q&A, and concert started, but I can not say enough bad things about CID Entertainment.  If you ever see them promoting a concert in your area or choose one of their 'concert experiences', be very careful, because I definitely wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  I hope Lindsey finds someone else for the next tour and gets back to more of a personal experience than the mess that CID offered.  I know, I've gone on too long about this, so I'll stop.  The Q&A, and concert were great!  Mark Ballas (Lindsey's partner from DWTS) was her opening act.  Well, actually it was Mark and his wife, BC (a.k.a. the duo Alexander Jean).  Mark is an excellent dancer, but he may be a better musician.  It's really close.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They sang about five songs, and then Lindsey came on and gave the performance of a lifetime.  The whole set and production was adorable.  She did an incredible job of putting everything together.  I have some photos below from the show, and several of the 'whimsical windows'.  I also have some photos of things that I purchased at the concert (the signed 16x20 was part of the ticket price, the other 16x20 was one that I bought at the show).  Everything except the signed album, which I bought  from an online promotion that Lindsey had, along with a signed CD.  I have everything framed that I purchased, and it's proudly displayed with everything else from all of the other Lindsey shows I've been to.  I'm looking forward to the next.  It's difficult, not knowing when the next tour will be, but one thing for sure - I'll be there (hopefully front row this time).  Screw you Ticketmaster, screw your CID!  Sorry, I just had to blast them one more time.  It makes me feel better.  Seeing Lindsey was still worth it and I'd suffer through the BS, just to do it all over again.  But I want my cookie this time! LOL :) 

Oh, and one last thing.  I didn't take any video from this show, so no YouTube video with this post. :(  I was more focused on getting some good photos, and the pictures below are a mix of my iPhone X and my Canon G7 X Mark II.  Enjoy! :)