An Awesome Day - Thanks Elon!

One of the coolest things ever!  What an awesome day!  I’ve watched this several times and still get cold chills.  Congratulations Elon, and SpaceX.  You definitely made my day!  This is what life is all about. :) 

The 'all new' PalmOne m505

I had to laugh as I was going back through my Amazon order history.  It shows that I purchased one of these on December 25th, 2001, and for some reason these things are still available...LOL  Click on the 'Buy On Amazon' link if you are just dying to have one. :)  See my review below the photo for some enjoyable entertainment.

My Amazon Review (below) from January 8th, 2002. I had ordered this about 2 weeks before writing the review.  It sounds like I was really impressed.  It shows that one person actually found this review helpful.  If I recall correctly, I put Documents To Go on this and was blown away by the raw power. :) 

 My amazing review! :)

My amazing review! :)

Falcon Heavy (this is ridiculous)!

With a scheduled launch date of late January, 2018.  I can't wait to see this puppy lift off!  I can only imagine what the BFR is going to look like sitting on the launchpad.  SpaceX, FTW!  Go Elon, go!  (Click on the photo above to watch the video)