I saw this quote online recently, but I couldn't find a good photo (with the quote in it), so I decided to make one. 

In an effort to 'be myself' over the course of my life, I feel that I've scared away more people by being 'overly' kind than any other emotion combined.  Being an introvert, wanting nothing but peace (and maybe a hug), I fall too quickly for those that intrigue me, and pique my interest.  This causes my 'need' to be understood to spill over a thousandfold.  I can quickly become overbearing, expecting that same passion in return.  A few minutes, or a few days later, the person is gone from my life forever.  My heart, and its need for acceptance was rejected.  I only wanted a friend...

I've acknowledged the fact this is the way it's always going to be.  I'm unable to change who I am.