Lindsey & Evanescence (Tour)!!!

Here I am, just a couple of days ago, not knowing when I'd get to see (or possibly meet) Lindsey again, and then BAM, an Instagram post, and a few hours later an email from her, announcing the upcoming summer tour with Evanescence.  Evanescence (especially Amy Lee), another favorite of mine.  I was wishing just a few months ago that I had went and seen them in concert earlier (in their career), not knowing now if I ever would get the chance.  Now, what are the odds???  The two together, and a full orchestra?  This is insane! :) 

I'm so freaking excited about this whole thing that I can barely keep a thought in my head.  Well, maybe I've settled down a little (just a tiny bit though) since yesterday, because I have tickets now, and yesterday, this wasn't the case.

Oh, I forgot to mention, yeah, first row (PIT area)!!!  This time, Ticketmaster screwed me again (just like the Lindsey/Warmer In The Winter tour in Chicago), while attempting to get them on the computer, but a backup plan was in place, using an iPad to search at the same time.  While the computer was 'processing my request' and sat there spinning, the iPad request went straight through.  I'll use even more devices next time.  :)  The only downfall, and I'm giving them another chance to 'right the ship', is CID Entertainment is handling the 'tour experience'.  The same company that had a dude in sweatpants, running around telling people that he'd take items away from them if they asked Lindsey to sign things during the meet in greet.  I give a better explanation here.  Anyway, it's Lindsey, so how bad can it be?  Others can try to screw it up, but in the end, it's only about Lindsey and nothing else.  So, c'mon 'dude in sweatpants', yell all you want, well, actually don't.  Go find a job where 'sweatpants' are appropriate work attire... :)