What It All Means

Here's a really cool video that puts a lot of things into perspective.  If you decide to watch it, really think about what he's saying.  Pay attention deeply, or it will be a waste of six minutes and you'll walk away with nothing.

One of the things that really stood out to me is when Jim said people tell him "Well, I don't want to be me", and he says "Well, great because you never have been."  I'll let you decipher this for yourself, but it's one of the most beautiful parts of the entire video.  

I want to post more about ego death later, but I'm still deciding how to go about it (or if I even should).  For me, the most important thing is 'living' with that death, and continuing to practice it, after it has happened.  Death is 'the end' of something, so why do a lot of people online talk about it as if it's a temporary thing?  If it's that profound, then it doesn't happen again and again.  The very definition of 'ego' is 'a person's self-esteem or self importance.'  If you've experienced it, is it necessary to plaster it all over the internet?  Is it for your self-esteem?  Is it for the followers, or the number of views you get on YouTube?  If so, then you need to re-visit the subject entirely.  It's OK to be insignificant.  Nothing matters.  If it were all gone tomorrow, would it really make a difference?

Anyway, I may post something else about it tomorrow, or maybe never.  I don't know.  I'm aware that this site is pretty much for myself, and that hardly anyone is aware of its existence.  I don't have any ads on the site, and I'm not interested in making money off of it.  It's just a simple place where I share whatever is on my mind, but never, ever, to prove myself to anyone.  Yeah, I may post about getting front row tickets to see Lindsey, but anyone can do that.  It requires no special talent.  Meeting and seeing Lindsey makes me happy.  :)  I may post a picture of a book that I got signed, or maybe some music that I'm listening to, or other things that affect me in different ways.  I'm not trying to 'prove' anything though.  I made peace with myself a long time ago.

99.999% of my posts (and other parts of this site) will go down in history as never being seen by anyone other than myself.  That's fine with me.  

I'm not important - I don't want to be.  Happy?  Yes...