And More Lindsey!!! :)

I woke up this morning and wanted to get the next show added to the the site, so it's all uploaded and ready to go now, with photos a YouTube video and everything else.  I only have one more Lindsey show to upload, and that's the most recent (Warmer In The Winter) concert from Chicago that I attended in December.  I'll have it up soon, I'm sure.  I'm running out of Lindsey concerts to post, so I'm not sure what I'll do next...LOL  Just kidding.  I think I'm going to post my Blue October stuff like I had mentioned previously.  I have tons of photos and video from those experiences.  I have a lot of other concert footage from other bands too, but I think I'll just stick with posting my Lindsey and Blue October stuff for now, since they are definitely, without question, my absolute favorites!  Here's a photo of my most last iPhone that Lindsey signed for me (I have an iPhone X now).  There's a detailed explanation about it on the page that will make more sense (than explaining it all here.