DMT Activation Frequency

I finally booked my January float in the sensory deprivation tank (at Source On High) for tomorrow.  They are 90 minute floats.  I've found this to be the best amount of time for me, to achieve what I need.  I've tried 3 hour floats before at Gravity Spa (in Dayton, OH) and although they were great, it was just a tad too long and you could find yourself falling asleep half of the way in (which isn't a bad thing either).  Sleeping during a float is some of the best sleep that you'll ever achieve, but I'd rather take the opportunity to relax my mind, meditate, and make that pineal gland work overtime (releasing that DMT). :)  

I have the music from the YouTube video above added to my iPhone for the float.  During all of my previous floats (except for December), I had laid there in complete silence, which I suppose is 'sensory deprivation' at its greatest form.  The music I had last time took it to another level though, but it was a mix of various 'deep' and 'chilled' songs.  I look forward to some Beta to Delta variable Hz music varied around that 432 Hz universal resonance that the brain starves for.

I'll post tomorrow after my float describing the experience.  Wish me the best! :)