Go to the doctor!

I gave in this morning.  I had to.  I actually decided late last night that enough was enough.  When you can't sleep without your eyes not opening back up because so much crap has sewn them shut, then maybe it's a good indicator that a trip to the doctor is in order.  Of course, as I had mentioned in the last post, there were lots of other things, sore throat, dizziness, I couldn't hardly talk (which some may think is a good thing), coughing at all hours of the day (and night), any pretty much anything else that makes your feel like a big bag of doo-doo.

Fortunately, they ruled out the flu and told me that I had a severe sinus infection.  They gave me a prescription for three different medications (none that would interact with my Nardil), and sent me on my way.

One of the main things that I learned during this whole thing, research what drugs you can and can't mix with Nardil.  I had researched every type of food that is known to exists (and I've been really responsible about sticking to that diet), but I never thought about DayQuil, I mean, it's DayQuil.  DayQuil contains Dextromethorphan, and that doesn't play well with Nardil.  My blood pressure was extremely high, higher than it has ever been.  It was a stupid move on my part, and I was a reckless idiot.  I don't think I noticed a lot of the symptoms from taking the two together, because they were being masked by my sinus infection.  If I would have just continued on that road, then it would have been the last road that I had known.  

I'm going to see what these meds do over the next couple of days.  I feel better now, just being diagnosed, and knowing that I'm taking the right things to hopefully fix my illness.